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Safety & Ethics in Student Research

Sponsoring Organization: 
UNM STEM-H Center for Outreach, Research, & Education

This workshop offers training and resources designed to help you and your students identify, clarify, and address safety & ethics challenges that frequently arise when designing, conducting, or reporting research...and applies to research done in the classroom as well as projects taken on by students outside of class.

The workshop includes Responsible Conduct of Research, Human Protections, and Animal Protections.

Facilitators: Dr. Bill Gannon, Director of UNM's Responsible Conduct of Research Program, will facilitate the Responsible Conduct of Research module. Linda Petree, Director of the UNM Main Campus Institutional Review board, will facilitate the Human Protections module. Katy Mirowsky-Garcia, Operations Manager for the UNM Office of Animal Care Compliance, will facilitate the Animal Protections module.

Topics to be Covered (sample...): Topics that may be highlighted during the Responsible Conduct of Research module (& may be covere or repeated in other modules as needed) are the appropriateness of the research design, the use of invasive vs. non-invasive research-specific procedures, the return of individual research results or incidental findings to participants, confidentiality/anonymity, the inclusion or exclusion of vulnerable populations, community-based research questions, social/policy implications, plaigarism concerns, and ethical theory. Animal protections training will discuss animal care (husbandry), ethical considerations, safety, and consideration of alternatives to use of vertebrate animals. The Human Protections module will cover safety/ethical considerations specific to use of human participants in research studies, historical context for the requirements to protect human participants in research studies, identification of protected/high risk populations, etc.

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Professional Development
Eligibility Requirements: 
Open to STEM-H educators (focuses predominantly on middle/high school, but upper elementary educators having students do research projects would also find it relevant) as well as upper middle school and high school students doing research/engineering projects involving human participants or vertebrate animals.
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Please click on the Website Link below to access more specific information regarding the location, parking, and registration for this workshop.
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Fall (September - November)
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No Cost
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Not Applicable
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Erin Garcia, JD, Program Specialist
scifair [at] unm.edu
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Karen Kinsman, MS, Director/Sr. Program Manager
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kkinsman [at] unm.edu
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The University of New Mexico
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