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Robot Alliance

Sponsoring Organization: 
All NM based robot competitions/education programs

The Robot Alliance represents all of New Mexico’s robot competitions and education programs. Members of the alliance have agreed to cross-promote all the other competitions and programs, as each offers a unique opportunity to New Mexico students.

The competitions run from late September to early June, allowing academic athletes to participate in multiple “game” days throughout the school year.

Members of the Robot Alliance pursue this shared aim: Students will, through team competition, learn how to design, build, program and test machines to complete tasks and communicate results in a variety of ways.

Robot Alliance web addresses:
BEST: http://www.ece.nmsu.edu/nm_best/
BotBall: http://www.botball.org/nm
FIRST® LEGO® League (FLL): http://nmfll.org/
FIRST® Robotics Competition (FRC®): http://usfirst.org/roboticsprograms/frc
FIRST® Tech Challenge (FTC®): http://nmfll.org/ftc.html
Junior FIRST® LEGO® League (Jr. FLL®): http://nmfll.org/jrfll.html
RoboRAVE International: www.roborave.org
Skills USA: http://www.skillsusa.org/compete/contests.shtml
Starbase La Luz Academy: http://www.vs.afrl.af.mil/laluz/
Technology Student Association (TSA): http://www.tsaweb.org/Vex-Robotics-Competition

Submission Type : 
Other STEM Resource
Eligibility Requirements: 
Any organization that holds a robot program or offers robot education for New Mexico K-12 school aged students.
Ongoing Event: 
Event Season: 
Year Round
Cost to Attend: 
Program Contact Information
Program Contact : 
Russ Fisher-Ives
505 867 2007
russ [at] gotoif.org
University or College Affiliation: 
Is your program statewide?: 
What types of communities do you serve?(Urban/Rural): 
Target Audience: 
K-5th Grade
6-8th Grade
9-12th Grade
K-12th Grade Teachers
Underrepresented Minorities in General
Native Americans - specifically
Hispanic Americans - specifically
Blacks or African Americans - specifically
Asian American/Pacific Islanders - specifically
Low-Income and/or First-Generation College Students
Persons with Disabilities