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Research Challenge (aka… “Science Fair”) Bootcamp

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The Research Challenge Bootcamp will cover the 2015-2016 Intel ISEF Rules for Pre-College Research, protocol forms, deadlines (for Central NM…with guidance for participation in other Intel ISEF affiliated fairs), competition dates (Central NM), etc. In the second half, participants will learn what good protocol paperwork looks like, understand how to do a thorough review & provide constructive feedback to students. There will be a post-course assessment to complete. Assuming successful completion (80% or higher score), a PDF certificate of completion will be emailed to participants. Copies of that certificate can be forwarded by you to your affiliated fair director as may be required/requested.

NOTE FOR PARTICIPANTS FROM CENTRAL NM REGION ONLY: This workshop includes all the necessary training for schools that wish to field their own Scientific Review Committee (SRC)/Institutional Review Board (IRB) in order to be able to review student research protocols (human, microorganisms, hazardous "stuff") for approval PRIOR to the start of data collection as required in the Intel ISEF Rules for Pre-College Research. Attendance by at least ONE committee member from each school wishing to field a local SRC/IRB at the Research Challenge Bootcamp is MANDATORY!! Attendance by at least ONE person from each school planning to send students to the Regional Research Challenge is also MANDATORY unless the Fair Director (scifair[at]unm[dot]edu) is contacted for an exception.

NOTE: Students in middle and high school are encouraged to complete this online course if they are going to be doing a research/engineering project with the intent to compete in a Research Challenge/Science Fair, so feel free to have students create an account on the NM STEM-H Connection Website (http://www.nmstemh.org). The course link will be available on the Student/Parent Resources page.