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STEM Competitions and Competition Help

Intel ISEF Document Library
Intel ISEF's Documents Library page where teachers/students can find current Intel ISEF rules, forms, and lots of other guidance documents regarding science fair projects.

Intel International Science & Engineering Fair
ISEF winners of the largest international pre-college science competition.

Science Buddies
Looking for inspiration for a science fair project? In need of fun, at-home science experiments? Science Buddies has over 1,000 Project Ideas in all areas of science.

Searchable Database of ISEF Finalist Abstracts

Society for Science & the Public
Nonprofit professional organization dedicated to public engagement in scientific research and education. Manages the Intel International Science & Engineering Fair (ISEF), the Intel Science Talent Search (STS), and Broadcom MASTERS competitions along with publishing Science News and Science News for Kids.

National STEM Video Game Challenge
The Joan Ganz Cooney Center is an independent research and innovation lab that focuses on the challenges of educating children in a rapidly changing media landscape. We conduct original research on emerging education technologies and collaborate with educators and media producers to put this research into action.

New Mexico STEM Network
Promotes partnerships, resources, government policies and education.

National Database of Academic Competitions

STEM Educator Resources and Lesson Plans

A to Z Teacher Stuff®
Themed and seasonal lesson plans.

General Atomics
The educational materials from General Atomics are somewhat dated, but the modules on Color, Light and Light Bulbs are timeless.

Gateway to 21st Century Skills
Oldest accessible US education resources. Include experiments filtered by subject.

The Biology Corner
Lessons, quizzes, labs and information on ecology, genetics, anatomy, cells, scientific method and evolution.

Blood Detectives
High school students will learn the why and how behind blood while also discovering why it is so important for our blood to be healthy. You will also want to order the DVD "Blood Detectives" for its great videos.

Carlsbad Caverns - NPS
Six units related to the Sonoran desert and Carlsbad Caverns The units are: Sonoran Desert, Geology, Caves, Ecology, Biology, and of course, the Bats.

Don't be fooled by the plain vanilla landing page, this is the mother lode of classroom chemistry resources. You can download the pdf chapters (or purchase the whole series).

Cirque du Circuit
This is a 10-day multimedia unit for grades 9-12 that explores the fundamentals of electric circuits in a web-based, interactive format. Students explore digital circuit simulators, animated tutorials, and problem-based labs where they are asked to solve real-life problems related to electricity.

Squishy Circuits
Squishy circuits are a project from the Thomas Lab at the University of St. Thomas. The goal of the project is to design tools and activities which allow kids of all ages to create circuits and explore electronics using play dough.

Climate Change
Global sustainability education. Two separate units (middle and high school). You will have to register, but these 2 units are free as a PDF download.

Curriki Free Learning Resources
Curriki is a collaborative website hosting educational materials that range from single lessons, images or interactives to entire courses. There is a member-rating system, and you will never go wrong with the exemplary resources.

Making the Desert Bloom - NPS
Part of the NPS "Teaching with Historic Places" series, this unit explores the Rio Grande irrigation project. The lesson plans include sections entitled Historical Context, Maps, Reading Images, and Supplemental Resources.

Design & Discovery - Intel
A comprehensive inquiry-based curriculum, which introduces students ages 11-15 to engineering through design. The curriculum is organized into six sections which are further divided into 18 sessions.

Junior Duck Stamp - US Fish & Wildlife
This Junior Duck Stamp curriculum focuses on the conservation of waterfowl and wetland habitats. The new curriculum is designed to spark youth interest in habitat conservation through science, art, math and technology.

Earth System Science Alliance - NASA and NOAA
These two sites use models and simulations for a variety of topics related to earth systems. Models are emphasized in the NGSS and also are part of the Common Core.

Education and the Environment
Eighty five EEI curriculum units correlated to California standards. Each unit includes a teachers' guide, a student guide, assessments and handouts. Multiple grade levels and courses.

Lesson plans in Math, Science and Science Fair projects and links to other sites.

Environmental Education Curricula
Topics include those from past Environmental Education weeks: Air, Animals, Climate, Energy, Trees, Oceans, Recycling, and Water. Some are links to single activities, and some for entire curriculum units.

Federal STEM Education Website
ScienceEducation.gov connects teachers and students to free, federally-funded Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education resources.

FireWorks U.S. Forest Service
FireWorks is an educational program about the science of wildland fire, designed for students in grades 1-10 (might be a good topic on these drought years in the Southwest).

Forensics in the Classroom
The FIC program is designed for use in high school and middle school science classrooms. This complete, standards-based package includes five stand-alone units, each centered on a unique, realistic forensics mystery.

Geniquest - Concord Consortium
GENIQUEST aims to bring current bioinformatics concepts and research techniques to secondary science students. They do this by using java-based web software for virtual lab activities. The GENIQUEST project is an NSF-funded project of the Maine Mathematics and Science Alliance.

Schoolyard Geology - USGS
Your own schoolyard is filled with great geologic features! This website is filled with activities and examples of what to look for to turn your schoolyard into a rich geologic experience.

Global Water Supply
Interdisciplinary units on our global water supply.Aligned with national standards, the lesson plans and mini-units include elementary, middle and high school levels.

High Energy Science - Concord Consortium
Computer-based investigations around compelling unanswered questions in Earth and Space Science. The units are: Modeling Earth's Climate, Will there be Enough Water? and Is There Life in Space?

Hotchalk Lesson Plans Page
Lesson plans that can be filtered by STEM and grade levels.

Hands-On Universe from UC Berkeley
Lawrence Hall of Science's Hands-On Universe enables students to investigate the universe while applying tools and concepts from science, math, and technology. The middle school curriculum is Solar System Science and the high school curriculum is A Changing Cosmos. Both use real data and imaging software. If you look around on the GSS site, you will find additional curriculum units.

The Inquiry Project
The Inquiry Project is a research and curriculum development effort that engages students in grades 3-5 in science inquiry about the nature of matter.

Investigating the Climate System - NASA
The series includes five modules: Clouds, Energy, Precipitation, Weather, and Winds. While these materials were developed under one series title, they were designed so that each module could be used independently.

Lesson Plan Search
List of sites searchable by topic and grade level.

Local School Directory Lesson Plans
Finds schools by state and city and zip code, compares schools, lists private schools. Some lesson plans.

Matter and Molecules
Michigan State University curriculum was lauded by AAAS as exemplary. It has 9 chapters: States of Water; States of Matter; Air; Compressing and Expanding Air; Dissolving; Expansion and contraction; Melting and Solidifying; Evaporation and Boiling; Explaining Condensation.

Materials Camp STEM Handbook
The ASM Materials Camp for Teachers STEM Handbook encompasses ideas for your high school or middle school classroom curriculum, labs that use everyday materials, and links to websites with information and consumable supplies. The units are: Solids, Metals, Polymers, Ceramics, Composites and Resources.

Middle School Chemistry
Middle School Chemistry is a resource of guided, inquiry-based lessons that covers basic chemistry concepts. The chapters are: Matter, Change of State, Density, Periodic Table, Water; and Chemical Change. Investigate the world of atoms and molecules through hands-on inquiry-based activities and molecular model animations.

Molecular Workbench - Concord Consortium
Visual, Interactive Simulations for Teaching and Learning Science. The Concord Consortium provides hundreds of free activities - some of them included in curricular units - that let students play with matter at the the atomic level. You will have to have the ability to download and run java applets on your computer, and they won't run on iPads.

National Science Digital Library
The National Science Digital Library provides high quality online educational resources for teaching and learning, with current emphasis on the sciences, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) disciplines—both formal and informal, institutional and individual, in local, state, national, and international educational settings.

The 2 units focus on the nanoscale - Mystery of the Gecko and Nanoscale Materials. Each contains student activities and PowerPoint presentations.

Northwest Association for Biomedical Research (NWABR.org)
NWABR has an extensive lesson archive including full plans, rubrics, and guidelines, and also provides a variety of professional development programs to promote understanding of biomedical research.

National Energy Education Development (NEED.org)
One of the cross-cutting concepts in the NGSS is conservation of matter and energy. The materials on this site cover all aspects of energy use and conservation, although there is a heavy emphasis on physics and energy extraction.

NIH Curriculum Supplements
The National Institutes of Health curriculum supplements are teacher's guides to two weeks of lessons on the science behind selected health topics. Some units include interactive web lessons.

Ocean Explorer - NOAA
Learning Ocean Science through Ocean Exploration is a curriculum that uses lessons developed for NOAA Voyages of Discovery. Each lesson focuses on an inquiry-based approach to teaching and learning.

iCREATM - US Patent Office
Inspire your students through problem-solving exercises, exploration, creativity and the inventive process. At the same time engage them in learning about the intellectual property protections of patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets.

Study guides, brain teasers, games, self-tests and resources.

Nourishing the Planet
Soil curriculum units for elementary, middle, and high school students. Help students realize the challenges of feeding a growing world by feeding their minds today with the Nourishing the Planet in the 21st Century curriculum.

PBS Teachers STEM Education Resource Center
PBS offers all Americans the opportunity to explore new ideas and new worlds related to STEM learning through television and online content to help students understand concepts, practice new skills and engage in exciting, authentic learning experiences

Physics resources for Educators and Students
Long list of online physics links and resources. Topics include everything from homework help or lectures, to journal articles and lesson plans

Planet Plant
Botanic Gardens Conservation International pilot program. As your students learn about plant conservation, they will also learn about important biological and ecological processes.

Project Based Learning
An index of problem-based learning units. The units are of mixed completeness and quality, but they will give you an idea of how to pull off your own PBL units. The projects you will find here have been curated by BIE and were gathered from online project libraries. These projects are meant to inspire your own ideas or may be adapted to fit the needs of your classroom.

Project Learning Tree
Two curricular units available: Exploring Biodiversity and Exploring Biotechnology. Scroll to the bottom of the page for the two free units (the others require you to take a training).

My Science Box
"Hands-on science curriculum for the adventurous teacher." Includes 6 curriculum boxes: ecology, watersheds, geology, genetics, plate tectonics and physiology.

Scope, Sequence, and Coordination
Framework for High School Science Education from NTSA. Oldies, but goodies. Each micro-unit contains a teacher guide and a student guide, with activities, readings, and assessments.

Seismic Sleuths
This package from FEMA provides middle and high school teachers with information about the causes and effects of earthquakes. Includes activity sheets for students and background materials for teachers.

Teach Engineering
This website offers many curricular units and a activities covering all disciplines, including math and technology. The TeachEngineering digital library provides teacher-tested, standards-based engineering content for K-12 teachers to use in science and math classrooms.

The Teacher's Corner
Collaborative projects including lesson plans, thematic and seasonal ideas.

Teaching the Food System - Johns Hopkins
The project is eleven classroom-ready modules that spans issues in the food system from field to plate. Each module includes lessons, slides, handouts, and vocabulary builders. The modules span topics from field to plate, emphasizing the relationships between food, public health, equity and the environment.

Lesson plans, brain teasers and inspirations for current events.

Tectonics is a series of geospatial investigations designed to augment existing middle school Earth science curriculum. Students use Web GIS to investigate important tectonics concepts.

Timesavers For Teachers
Report card comments, books, and classroom forms.

USGS Education Site
Educational Resources from the US Geological Survey

Web-based Inquiry Science Environment (WISE)
There are seven units, each with multiple lessons and labs, including Biomes, Energy Flow, Water Quality, Population Ecology, and Community Ecology. Each unit includes handout, assessments and presentations. You will have to fill out a survey to download any of the materials.

Learning to Xeriscape
A hands-on, problem-solving curriculum that covers water rights, soil, irrigation, plants, turf, and design from the New Mexico Office of the State Engineer.

Year of Science - NOAA
Fourteen programs grouped by grades 3-5, 5-8, and 8-12. Topics include ecology, estuaries and remote sensing.

STEM Education Membership Sites

abc teach
Membership site including science and technology series of videos and PowerPoints.

ENC Learning
(Eisenhower National Clearinghouse) Membership and resources for K-12 math and science educators.

New Mexico Science Teachers' Association
Provides a network for educators throughout the state to work collaboratively towards improving science education from Pre-kindergarten through college.

School Express
Lists of eWorkbooks and thematic resources, both free and for members.

Continuing Education and Professional Sites

Directory of adult education online (University of Phoenix, Kaplan, etc).

ERIC – Education Resources Information Center
Online library of education research sponsored by the Institute of Education Sciences (IES) and U.S. Dept. of Education.

The Educator's Network
Targeted marketing to teachers. (site disables back button!)

Intel Education and Technology
Programs for educators and STEM curricula and competitions.

MIT Technology Review
MIT Technology Review leads the global conversation about technologies that matter. Our mission is to identify important new technologies—deciphering their practical impact and revealing how they will change our lives.

STEM-Related Professional Organizations

Association for Women in Science
Membership network of professionals committed to advancement of women's leadership in STEM.

National Science Teachers Association
Promoting excellence and innovation in science teaching, competitions, conferences and professional development.

School Science and Mathematics Association
Professional community of researchers and teachers in science and math.

Society for the Advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans in Science
Organization of scientists dedicated to fostering the success of Hispanic/Chicano and Native American scientists.

Educational Standards Information

Common Core State Standards

Next Generation Science Standards

NM Common Core Adoption Information

Search Engines, Databases, and Collections

A Search Engine for STEM Subjects
is the most comprehensive scientific research tool on the web. With over 575 million scientific items indexed at last count, it allows researchers to search for not only journal content but also scientists' homepages, courseware, pre-print server material, patents and institutional repository and website information.

Columbia Education Center
Search site for lesson plans.

C++ Library Information

Federal Science Research Database
Science.gov searches over 55 databases and over 2100 selected websites from 15 federal agencies, offering 200 million pages of authoritative U.S. government science information including research and development results. Science.gov is governed by the interagency Science.gov Alliance

Northwest Association for Biomedical Research
NWABR has an extensive lesson archive including full plans, rubrics, and guidelines, and also provides a variety of professional development programs to promote understanding of biomedical research.

LANL Student Opportunities
Includes opportunities for students to gain work experience through Los Alamos National Labs

Lesson Plan Search
List of sites searchable by topic and grade level.

Local School Directory Lesson Plans
Lesson Plan Directory and more.

Sandia National Labs SCIENCE BOWL
Regional Science Bowl for Northern New Mexico.

Sandia National Labs DREAMCATCHER
Science and engineering classes for all Native American students and others in the Albuquerque area.

Teaching jobs, teaching schools, degree information.

TeacherView (PrimaryGames)
Search lesson plans using Google search.

Wolfram Alpha: Computational Knowledge Engine
A computational knowledge engine or answer engine developed by Wolfram Research. It is an online service that answers factual queries directly by computing the answer from externally sourced "curated data", rather than providing a list of documents or web pages that might contain the answer as a search engine might.

National Database of Academic Competitions

Resources for Students

Google Code University
Online resources for students interested in the Computer Science field

Intel Education site
Includes resources for students, teachers, and researchers.

Math Resources for Many different Math Courses
a community digital library that supports the use and development of software for mathematics education.

MIT Open CourseWare
MIT OpenCourseWare makes the materials used in the teaching of almost all of MIT's subjects available on the Web, free of charge. With more than 2,000 courses available, OCW is delivering on the promise of open sharing of knowledge.

Open Education Database
The guide profiles the best locations for a job/degree, the average salary, and general career information for a variety of different fields

NASA Students
NASA's journeys into air and space have deepened humankind's understanding of the universe, advanced technology breakthroughs, enhanced air travel safety and security, and expanded the frontiers of scientific research. These accomplishments share a common genesis: education. As the United States begins the second century of flight, the Nation must maintain its commitment to excellence in science, technology, engineering and mathematics education to ensure that the next generation of Americans can accept the full measure of their roles and responsibilities in shaping the future. NASA will continue the Agency's tradition of investing in the Nation's education programs and supporting the country's educators who play a key role in preparing, inspiring, exciting, encouraging, and nurturing the young minds of today who will be the workforce of tomorrow. 

NSF STEM Scholarships
Contains information about STEM Scholarships from the National Science Foundation

Physics resources for Educators and Students
Long list of online physics links and resources. Topics include everything from homework help or lectures, to journal articles and lesson plans

A comprehensive physics and astronomy online education, research and reference web site. In addition to providing high-quality content, PhysLink.com is a meeting place for professionals, students and other curious minds.

STEM Careers
Resources for those promoting STEM careers

USGS Education Site
Educational Resources from the US Geological Survey


Innovate+Educate homepage
The time-honored pathway from school to career no longer works for most, including students, opportunity youth, job seekers, business and industry.  We exist to create solutions that build multiple, validated pathways from education to employment, thereby closing the skills gap.

NMSU STEM Outreach
The STEM Outreach Center coordinates the efforts of the various STEM grants in the College of Education at NMSU

NMSU STEM Projects
Contains information about STEM projects at NMSU

STEM Grants and Resource Portal
STEM Grants features news, updates and a free downloadable guide to STEM (Science, Technology Engineering, and Mathematics) educational grants for K-12, educational non-profits, and universities.

UNM STEM Center for Outreach, Research and Education
The UNM STEM‐CORE advances STEM teaching and learning through outreach, research and education activities