@NMSTEMH 3 days 10 hours
Robots and Rocketry Summer Camp! At Balloon Museum June 6 - 10
@NMClimate 1 week 1 day
Yes, we had a grand award 3rd place in behavioral, Sara Manshad, BEHA049, Yay,
@NMSTEMH 1 week 3 days
GenCyber Cybersecurity Camp for high school students. Start in July! Find out more today!
@NMSTEMH 1 week 4 days
Congratulations to Priyanka Jain -2nd Place and Rusty Ludwigsen -4th Place Both in Biomedical & Health Sciences!
@NMSTEMH 1 week 4 days
did the SW Team have anyone who placed this year? We would love to recognize them as well!
@NMSTEMH 1 week 4 days
Congrats Priyanka Jain! 2nd place in Biomedical & Health Sciences at the International Science & Engineering Fair!
@NMSTEMH 2 weeks 1 day
ISEF 2016 is almost over.  Grand Awards starting now!!
@NMSTEMH 2 weeks 3 days
Some more photos from Intel ISEF today!
@NMSTEMH 2 weeks 4 days
One of our NM ISEF participants meeting Nobel prize recipient Michael Chalfie, Ph.D at ISEF! Go Rusty!
@NMSTEMH 2 weeks 4 days
CTE/STEM integration conference. May 31 - June 3rd Register at
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